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Distributor Enquiries


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how well the Propane GasGenie worked. I put it on the propane tank and quickly proceeded to forget about it. A couple of weeks later, while grilling, it began sounding the low propane level warning. I was fairly certain I had just recently had the tank filled so I didn't think much of it. A few days later, while cooking outside again, it began to sound the alarm shortly after igniting the flames. Deciding it was better to be safe than sorry (and to prove if it really even worked) I took the tank the next morning to be filled. Upon filling I asked the attendant how much was left when I brought it in and he told me it was practically bone dry! If I had not had the Propane GasGenie my next steak would have been EXTREMELY rare!!!! What a great product.

JK | Pittsburgh

At first I thought it did not work! The gas ran out minutes after installing the Propane GasGenie, and no alarm. At that time I did not understand that it needs approximately 10 minutes of burn for the Propane GasGenie sensors to pick up the necessary temperature signals. After complaining, the manufacturer suggested I persevere with the new cylinder. So I did. Lo and behold, several months later it went into alarm just as it should. And with plenty of time to finish the passport chicken I had just put on the grill for the visiting family. Wonderful! I would certainly recommend the Propane GasGenie to anyone who has experienced the frustration of running out of gas at the wrong moment. Most of us, I guess!

MC Mass

The Propane GasGenie finally ended my disrupted barbecues. I no longer have to put up either with half-cooked steaks while I slip out for a new gas cylinder or with a stockpile of cylinders that just clutter my shed. The alarm sounds in good time and gives ample warning that the gas is running out. And I even figured out that the alarm could be stopped by tapping its base. I declare the barbecue area a calamity-free zone!

R.G. Manchester, UK